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Britt CoffeeTour

  • Phone: +506 2506 9317
  • Address: Barva from Automercado 400 north and 400 west, Barva Road, Heredia,
  • Contact Person: Roberto López Lizano
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Since 1991 our Coffee Tour has educated and entertained nearly 1 million coffee lovers by immersing them in a colorful journey through our working plantation and roastery.

During this one-of-a-kind journey, our visitors enjoy:

Lush green areas and gardens

Exhibition of giant puppets of Costa Rican folklore


An enjoyable skit about the history and culture of coffee in Costa Rica

The coffee bush nursery

Our sustainable coffee plantation

Our coffee roastery

Britt coffee-tasting demonstration

A session on tasting Britt coffees and chocolates


Tour Description


We welcome our guests with our fresh-brewed gourmet coffee in a relaxing, garden-fringed setting.


An exhibit of colorful, folkloric masks, together with full-size figures of the beloved "Giant Man" and "Giant Woman" immerses our visitors in the vivid color of Costa Rica’s best known legends. A garden stroll among the masks is fun for all ages and filled with opportunity for whimsical photographs.


What better way to begin a journey into the world of gourmet coffee than with a guided visit with our experts to our coffee plant nursery? Get an up-close look at the seed that sets into motion the entire cultivation process, and examine the different stages of growth that take place before the young plant is ready for the plantation.


Our journey then takes us to our sustainable coffee farm for an enjoyable look at the conditions needed to produce a gourmet coffee. We’ll discuss the plant’s annual growth cycle and the most traditional method for harvesting our "golden bean." Our visitors examine the best practices for controlling pests and disease on a sustainable farm and observe milling techniques that transform the coffee cherry into the bean that’s ready for roasting.




With our experts leading the way, we arrive at our roasting plant to discover what an expert cupper looks for when selecting the perfect beans to roast. Together, we roast a sample of coffee and use all our senses to witness how the bean changes during the roasting process. We then head to the amphitheater enveloped in the tantalizing aroma of roasting coffee. Once comfortably seated, we enjoy a professional coffee-cupping demonstration. This part of the tour is a confirmation of our passion for coffee and the meticulous process that results a quality, gourmet cup. Two of our guests may volunteer to head to the front and take part in the cupping session alongside our experts.


We’ll share our secrets for making an excellent cup of coffee, discuss how to discern a coffee’s quality and note all the factors that contribute to a quality cup. And it may surprise some of our guests to learn that water temperature, grind and proper storage are just as important as preparation when it comes to producing a superior beverage. We’ll "transport" you to the country’s best coffee-producing regions in a creative way that you’re sure to enjoy.




And what would be the most memorable way to conclude our journey from the plantation to your cup?






A delicious sampling of gourmet coffees, of course, and a variety of our chocolates! Our experts lead on to our factory store where you can sample all our coffees and savor the characteristics of each type of coffee and explore which is best suited to your particular taste. You will also sample our delicious gourmet chocolate filled with tropical local fruits.           


Discovering the secrets hidden behind a cup of coffee has never been as innovative and entertaining!




Once you’ve "lived" our tour, we’re sure you’ll want to tell your friends and family. Don’t miss it!






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Hours: Open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.




In case of emergency you can contact our Manager on Duty at 2277-1559 or 6051-0487.




Address: Heredia, camino a Barva. Del Auto Mercado 500 metros norte y 400 metros oeste.






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Other contact information:




-Roberto Lopez Lizano, Coffee Tour Coordinator: 6040-3595,






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